Partnering for a Safer Future: Google Cloud and Anthropic Team Up for AI Breakthroughs

By Mark Scott - CEO, Zenbe

February 4th 2023

Google Anthropic News
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Today is a momentous day for Google Cloud and Anthropic. The two companies have just announced a new partnership that will see Google Cloud become the preferred cloud provider for Anthropic’s AI-powered safety and research initiatives. This collaboration will allow Anthropic to leverage Google Cloud’s open and flexible infrastructure to build large-scale, next-generation TPU and GPU clusters and effectively train and deploy AI systems.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Google Cloud on training and deploying useful AI systems,” said Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei. “We’ve been impressed with Google Cloud’s open and flexible infrastructure, and we look forward to scaling-up our systems in the coming months.

”Anthropic’s selection of Google Cloud comes down to its deep expertise in large-scale systems for machine learning and its shared values around the safe and beneficial development of AI. Google Cloud’s custom-developed machine learning systems are designed to run computationally-intensive workloads, which will help Anthropic to continue to make breakthroughs in AI research on the same infrastructure that powers Google Search and YouTube.

“At Google, we believe it is imperative to pursue AI boldly and responsibly,” said James Manyika, SVP of Technology and Society, Google. “Our partnership with Anthropic is aligned with that philosophy, and we are committed to developing and delivering useful and beneficial applications that apply responsible principles grounded in human values and safety.”

We are excited to see what this Google Cloud and Anthropic partnership can bring in the future!